CAST + COMBED jewelry is made in Los Angeles using a California sourced plant-based resin, most often used in coating surfboards.
Inspiration is drawn from the Light and Space movement of the 1960’s.
Pieces are individually molded, cast and finished by hand.
All pieces are created using plant-based resins, acrylics and precious metals.

cast |kast|

  • to cast resin verb (past and past participle cast) [with obj.]
  • 1 emit, give off, send out, radiate
  • 2 form, create, produce, project, throw.
  • 3 mold, fashion, form, shape, model; sculpt, sculpture, forge.
  • 4 choose, select, nominate
  • combed |kømd|

    • combed verb ( past and past participle combed ) [ with obj. ]
    • 1 search, scour, explore, seep, hunt through, forage, go over, leave no stone unturned